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Makers Lab provides extensive facilities which can be used for a variety of applications. We have a wide range of electronics and manufacturing equipment as well as hand tools, design space, and materials on stock.


Our open access Lab offers the latest in digital fabrication equipment along with a friendly atmosphere where like minded people can build, code, solder, design and engineer pretty much anything they can think of. And we have highly trained staff on hand to help you with your project, whether it be something for your home or a brand new product you want to prototype.

For Business:

Makers Lab Irene/Mobile is a fully equipped digital fabrication workshop that gives you the opportunity to develop your ideas and create prototypes for new products. In addition to our top notch equipment, the Makers Lab staff will assist you in every step by bringing in expertise from cad drawings to 3D modeling and fabrication principles to product.


From laser cutter to molding & casting, milling equipment and digital embroidery, the Makers Lab Irene/Mobile contains everything you need to produce accurate 3D models and prototypes of various materials and sizes. Besides the workshop, you can rent a number of spaces in the MAKERS VILLAGE and support the development of entrepreneurs.


Complementary to the Makers Lab workshop facilities, we provide a multitude of services to cover your every need. Be it a streamed conference, a workshop, a book launch, an art installation or a lunch break.

Team Building:

For Communities:

If you are a community group or an organisation that needs a space to meet and to develop new ideas, build teams or make something incredible, the Makers Lab is here for you. No matter if you are into arts, crafts, sports or science, everybody is welcome!

For Schools:

If you’re a school or an educational organisation that needs a space to develop new ideas, get advice on how to enhance technical skills and to build prototypes, the Makers Lab is the right place for you.

The Makers Village, Makers Lab is a  Creative Learning facility that is an innovative medialab focussed on education. With the use of new technology, Creative Learning Lab develops creative applications for education. Within projects, Creative Learning Lab experiments with new technologies and transfers this knowledge to a range of services for education and the cultural sector. Central to the service offering is to inspire and share knowledge about the creative use of new technologies in education.

Creative Learning Lab offers several services, such as workshop (formats) and design labs.

For Individuals:

If you are an entrepreneur or an inventor and want to create products and solve problems or someone with a fantastic idea and you want to realize it quickly, cheaply and easily, then the Makers Lab is the right place for you. You can reserve a machine at an modest hourly price.


Thursday is our open day when everybody is welcome to realize their ideas with our machines. To use the Fablab during this day, you have to register first. When you are logged in, choose your desired equipment and make a reservation.

To get the most of your time in the Makers Village Irene, download this handy guide to get you prepared for our machines and software!

  • Can you rise to a creative challenge without the screaming, shouting and passing the buck?

    Makers Lab Team Building uses the unique digital fabrication facilities at the Makers Village in Irene to deliver an engaging and ingenious experience that is unlike any other fun team training. Should you already have a venue we can offer our MOBILE MAKERS LAB.


    It helps your teams to conceive, design and make their own solution to a creative challenge, producing their solution on site and demonstrating its capabilities within the same training day.

  • How does the training work?

    It provides specific tools and techniques to help teams respond quickly to problem solving and accelerating innovation.


    This highly interactive experience. At the heart of the training is a challenge. The teams tackle the challenge working against the clock and each other.


    The challenge requires each team to define specific job roles and duties, build effective communication, set appropriate targets and demonstrate their ability to innovate together.

  •  What are the benefits and outcomes?

    • Learn practical innovation techniques.

    • Develop collaborative ideas and understand how to select the winning options.

    • Find out how to introduce a fast company team based approach to innovation.

    • Explore the different roles and attributes that make up a high performing team.

    • Practice a realistic innovation challenge.

    • By the end of the workshop teams will be more productive, resourceful and quicker at creative problem solving, gaining practical innovation tools and team roles to take away.

  •  Course content includes:

    • The different stages of innovation, from defining the problem to providing leadership.

    • How to think creatively and approach problems individually and collectively.

    • The role of collaborative innovation and how to improve innovation levels within a team environment.

    • Techniques for evaluating and testing ideas.

    • Practical innovation tools and team roles to take away.

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